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Answering Some Basic Questions About Hair Removal Options

Both men and women have many options available when it comes to hair removal, beyond standard shaving and plucking, including using hot wax. If you're thinking of visiting a salon or spa to have a hair removal process done, and have considered having waxing done at a salon, note a few questions you might have about this option, and then you can decide which is the best for your hair removal needs in particular.

Does hot wax burn skin?

Wax does need to be warm so that it becomes soft and pliable and easier to spread on the skin. However, wax shouldn't be so hot that it burns your skin or leaves red marks behind. If you've tried waxing at home and have red or irritated skin, or find that the wax is very uncomfortable to apply, you might have a professional manage this procedure for you. They will know how to get the wax just warm enough to be effective and how to test it before applying it to your skin so that you won't suffer burns and discomfort, even on very sensitive areas of the body.

Is wax the best way to remove hair?

There is no "best" method of hair removal for everyone, as each hair removal process has its own pros and cons. Methods that are meant to be permanent, such as electrolysis and laser hair removal, may be more painful than waxing, and more expensive. They may also need several treatments before the hair follicle is destroyed, so hair may continue to grow back while you're going through these initial procedures. Because of this expense and the time it takes to go through these procedures, some persons find that waxing is the better and more affordable option for hair removal.

Is waxing safe and hygienic?

Some people assume that the wax used for hair removal is in one big chunk or glob and is applied again and again to clients, but this isn't the case. The wax used for hair removal is typically heated in a type of pan, and then a swab or stick is dipped into the pan to catch a small amount of wax that is applied to a client's skin. A hair removal professional will ensure that they use a clean swab or stick every time it's dipped into that wax; in turn, the wax itself is not contaminated with skin cells or body oils from each customer. This makes it a safe and hygienic way of removing hair from skin.