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Dark Nail Polish: 4 Tips Which Will Help You to Avoid Stained Fingers

If you are thinking about ordering new nail supplies, you may be tempted to steer clear of the darker shades which are available because you fear that the nail polish will stain your fingernails a darker shade, even once it has been removed. However, just because you choose to wear a darker shade of nail polish doesn't mean you have to suffer from discoloured nails afterwards. Below is a guide to 4 things you can do to protect your fingernails when using dark nail polish.

Allow the base layer to overlap onto the cuticle

Conventional wisdom says that you should never let a base coat overlap onto the cuticle which surrounds each fingernail. However, by purposefully applying a base coat so that it runs onto the cuticle, you can help to minimise the risk that your nails will become stained or discoloured, as the base coat will prevent the nail polish from coming into direct contact with the cuticle.

Avoid nail polish which contains toluene

Toluene is a substance which is included in some types of dark nail polish. This solvent helps to create a smooth finish when the polish is applied. Toluene is also added to glue and paint. Because toluene is quite a strong solvent, it can sometimes stain the nail beds, leaving them yellow and discoloured. If you wish to avoid this problem, you should check out the ingredients of each type of nail polish and choose one which does not contain toluene.

Clean away nail polish in a single direction

When removing dark nail polish, you should never rub the solution-soaked pad backwards and forwards over the nail. Doing so will rub the pigment into the nail bed. Instead, you should wipe the nail clean by moving the pad swiftly in one direction.

Add a dab of oil to your cuticle before removing dark nail polish

When you decide to remove dark nail polish, you should apply a little dab of baby oil to the cuticle on each finger. This will make it much easier to lift any dead pieces of cuticle from the surface of your finger, which will help to limit the amount of staining you will experience.

If you would like further advice about choosing the right nail polish or top tips on how to apply or remove it from your nails, you should contact a beauty and fashion specialist in your area today.